Suzette Pintard, Mediator

Working with you to resolve your dispute, step-by-step.

Suzette Pintard - Mediator

Helping You Reduce the Financial and Emotional Costs of Divorce

If you are faced with the prospect of divorce, consider mediation. Divorce mediation is a private, confidential method for discussing and resolving all the issues you must address in a divorce, without incurring the cost and hostility of litigation.

Suzette Pintard – An Experienced Divorce Mediator

As a trained and experienced attorney-mediator, I will work with you and your spouse/partner in a step-by-step process. With my background as an attorney and a Masters degree in counseling, I am well prepared to help you discuss the legal issues, as well as deal with the strong emotions involved in getting divorced.

Divorce Mediation: A Better Way

Mediation can reduce conflict and increase future cooperation between divorced couples. Mediation offers many benefits to you and your family as your family structure changes and you move into the future: COST – Mediation is inexpensive compared to the cost of retaining two private attorneys to represent you and your spouse in a divorce proceeding. CONTROL – Mediation gives you control over the outcome. In mediation, the people getting divorced, not the court, decide the division of assets and create the custody and parenting arrangements. CHILDREN – In mediation, parents create a workable, cooperative parenting plan for the future. Research shows that a high level of conflict between parents during or after a marriage is associated with an increased risk of adjustment problems for children. Conflict between parents can impair a child’s ability to adapt to the changes brought about by a divorce. Fortunately, mediation can reduce conflict and increase communication and cooperation between parents. The reduction of conflict between you and your spouse can directly benefit your children during the divorce and in the future. Please call 215-454-2200 for a free consultation to decide if mediation is right for you.